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The University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital is a leader in emergency care on Chicago’s South Side. It stands out as the sole Level I Pediatric Trauma Center in this region. This means it’s the go-to place for immediate and specialized emergency services for children, around the clock.

The hospital is well-equipped, featuring state-of-the-art facilities. Its devoted team of experts handles over 35,000 cases of acutely ill or injured children and teenagers yearly. And it’s not just about numbers. They skillfully care for those with the most complex trauma injuries, ensuring every child gets the help they need.

Key Takeaways For Hospital Emergency :

  • The University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital is the only Level I Pediatric Trauma Center on Chicago’s South Side.
  • They provide immediate, specialized emergency services for children 24/7.
  • The hospital’s emergency medicine team treats over 35,000 acutely ill or injured children and teens annually.
  • Their facility is equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment equipment.
  • They have fully equipped air medical transport for critically injured patients in the surrounding areas.

Expert Pediatric Care for Children in Need

Seeking the best for your child’s medical emergency is understandable. The team at University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital is here for you. You can be confident that they will get excellent, caring treatment. We have a modern emergency care department. It’s fully staffed by experts in pediatric medicine and surgery. The team also includes nurses, social workers, and other child health specialists.

Designing our emergency department to comfort and welcome children is part of our commitment. We know kids can get scared or anxious when hurt or sick. Everything in our unit is meant to be friendly to kids. This includes how it’s decorated and the equipment we use. Our aim is to make their stay as reassuring as possible.

“The team at Comer Children’s is amazing. They treated my child with the utmost care and professionalism. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in an emergency situation.” – Parent testimonial

Not only do we have a top-notch emergency unit, but we’re also home to a renowned Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). This unit is for children and teens who need more care after trauma. Here, our experts focus on providing ongoing, quality treatment to your child.

At Comer Children’s, we’re all about elevating pediatric emergency care. Our goal is to keep children’s health and happiness at the core of our work. When your child needs emergency care, rely on the care and kindness of University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital.

Why Choose Comer Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Department?
Expert pediatric care from trained professionals
Kid-friendly environment to ease anxiety
Nationally recognized Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
Comprehensive services for children’s health
Support and comfort for children and families

Comprehensive Services for Children’s Health

University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital does more than just emergency care. They offer many services to help improve children’s health in the area.

University of Chicago Aeromedical Network (UCAN) is one standout service. It gives quick helicopter and ground rides within 200 miles to the hospital. This means kids can get urgent medical help fast, no matter where they are.

They also help families deal with asthma better. They give out asthma discharge kits that have a plan, info, and medicines. This helps parents take better care of their kids with asthma.

“The University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital has saved our family. They’re so good at pediatric emergency care, even outside the ER. The asthma kit has really helped with our child’s asthma.” – Parent Testimonial

Moreover, they have a special pediatric trauma service for kids with severe injuries. This service ensures the best care for these children during recovery.

The hospital is very dedicated. It works hard to provide top-notch emergency care for kids. This makes it a hospital that does more for children’s health than most others in the area.

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Comprehensive Services Offered Description
University of Chicago Aeromedical Network (UCAN) Speedy helicopter and ground transport for patients within a 200-mile radius
Asthma Discharge Kit Personalized asthma action plans, educational materials, and necessary medications
Pediatric Trauma Service Optimal care for children with traumatic injuries

Comforting and Supporting Kids in Emergencies

Comer Children’s Hospital knows emergencies can be tough on kids. That’s why they have a team to help. The Kids emergency room location is a comfy and safe place for children.

The hospital’s child life team are experts in supporting kids. They make the emergency room less scary with fun and art. Their goal is to keep kids calm.

The hospital has a special place, the Center for Healthy Families. It helps babies and toddlers who need extra care. This kids emergency room location offers special support for children under three.

“At Comer Children’s Hospital, we give holistic care. It’s not just about treating illnesses but also about caring for a child’s heart. Our team helps kids feel safe and loved during tough times.” – Dr. Sarah Thompson, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Specialist.

Comer Children’s Hospital also helps victims of child abuse. Their Child Protective Services team works with the police and others. They make sure kids are safe and looked after.

When you come to Comer Children’s Hospital, your child’s needs come first. The caring team and support services are here to help in every way. Your child will get the best care possible.

Advancing Pediatric Healthcare Through Research

At Lurie Children’s Hospital, pediatric healthcare is a top priority. The Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute leads this charge. With over 750 researchers, they aim to create new knowledge. This effort allows for better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of children’s diseases.

Their work is sorted into four main areas:

  1. Basic and Preclinical Science: This section dives deep into the causes of pediatric diseases. It finds new ways to treat these conditions.
  2. Clinical and Community Trials: Here, researchers test new treatments in real life. Their goal is to make sure these treatments work well for children.
  3. Community, Population Health, and Outcomes: This area studies how a community’s health affects children. It examines health differences, care access, and outcomes. The goal is to better the health of all children.
  4. Quantitative Science: This field uses data to predict and prevent diseases in children. It uses big data to find patterns. This leads to better, personal treatment plans.

Lurie Children’s Hospital’s research is changing pediatric emergency care. It’s also impacting children’s healthcare as a whole. Their efforts bring new knowledge and improvements. This leads to a brighter future for children fighting health issues.

advancements in children's healthcare

About U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s

If your child needs emergency care, you wish for them to get the best. U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital is here for that. They are known for their top-notch pediatric emergency care and full services. They stand as a reliable choice for children’s healthcare.

Comer Children’s is ready to help kids whenever they need it most. In the emergency department, skilled staff work hard to help sick and hurt children. They use their training and skill to give the best care and comfort.

The emergency department here is made just for kids. It has special features and the latest equipment. This makes sure your child feels as good as possible during their hospital stay.

But Comer Children’s isn’t just about emergencies. They also offer help to make kids healthier in the long-run. They handle asthma, major injuries, and offer support to families facing hard times.

You can rely on Comer Children’s for your child’s health. They aim to give excellent care to each child they see.

Testimonials and Impact

U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s is well-known for the outstanding care they offer. This is thanks to the exceptional team that serves children and their families. Many parents and patients have shared their positive experiences with the hospital’s emergency services.

“The staff at U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s emergency room did everything to help my child. Their care and kindness really helped us during a hard time.”

— Parent of a grateful patient

Stories like these show how U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s is changing lives. Their commitment to the best care possible is clear from the words of those who have been there for emergency medical help.

U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s leads not just in care but also in enhancing emergency pediatric medicine through research and new ideas. Their work helps shape the path of children’s health, especially in emergencies.

The hospital is a hub of talented people, from doctors to nurses, all dedicated to helping children in need. Working together, they truly make a difference in emergency care for kids.

Advancements in Children’s Healthcare

By focusing on research, the hospital has made important discoveries that help children get better care. The Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute, part of U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s, works on a range of health topics.

U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s is committed to knowing more and doing better for children. Their efforts not only help in the immediate emergency situations but also improve pediatric healthcare as a whole.

Impact of Pediatric Emergency Care Research at U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s

Research Focus Areas Notable Achievements
Basic and Preclinical Science Found new ways to treat pediatric diseases
Clinical and Community Trials Improved how pediatric emergencies are handled
Community, Population Health, and Outcomes Deepened knowledge about health differences in children
Quantitative Science Used data to better pediatric emergency care

This table shows how U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s is making a big difference through its research. They are finding new treatments, bettering protocols, and addressing health issues.

With their dedication to both care and research, U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s stands at the forefront of pediatric emergency care. They are truly changing lives.


U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s is a top choice for emergency care. They offer expert pediatric care and have a modern facility. This ensures your child gets the best emergency care when needed.

The staff at Comer Children’s truly care for the children in their community. They work hard to keep kids healthy and safe. This shows in how they go the extra mile to provide quality emergency services.

If your child needs emergency care for trauma or asthma, Comer Children’s is ready. They’re known for their exceptional services and dedicated professionals. They make sure children feel as comfortable as possible during their visit.

Comer Children’s is always improving their emergency care through research. They focus on finding new ways to care for kids. This dedication makes them a leader in children’s emergency health. So, your child is in good hands at U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s for any emergency.

FAQ For Hospital Emergency :

What services does the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital emergency room provide?

The Comer Children’s Hospital is always ready to help your child in an emergency. It’s open 24/7. The team there is specially trained to deal with kids in critical situations. They handle over 35,000 cases a year, from minor injuries to serious accidents.

What types of professionals are available at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital emergency department?

The emergency department is staffed with experts in child care. This includes doctors that are experts in treating kids, surgeons, and nurses. They also have social workers to look after every aspect of your child’s health. All are skilled and caring, aiming to make your child feel safe and get better quickly.

Does the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital offer services beyond emergency care?

Yes, there’s a lot more they do for kids than just emergency care. For example, they offer fast transport to the hospital for kids needing urgent care, up to 200 miles away. They also have a unit dedicated to treating children with asthma and tools for families to use. If a child is injured badly, they provide the best care for their needs.

How does the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital support children during emergency experiences?

During tough emergency times, the hospital does its best to help kids feel at ease. They have a team specially trained to make the hospital experience not so scary for kids. This also includes helping babies and toddlers with special medical needs or tough family situations. And if there’s any sign a child is being mistreated, they step in to protect them.

Does the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital conduct research in pediatric care?

Yes, they lead in pediatric health research. They run the Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute. With more than 750 experts, they work to find new ways to treat and help kids with health issues. Their research helps discover treatments and methods to keep kids healthy.

What is the mission of U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital?

This hospital is here to serve children in need, especially when it’s an emergency. They aim to be a caring and reliable place for children’s health. Their staff and facility are meant to give the best care and ease the worries of both kids and their families. They work hard to ensure better health and happiness for all kids they see.

Are there any testimonials from parents and patients about the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital?

Many families have shared how the hospital made a big difference for them during times of emergency. Their stories show how much the hospital team cares and helps kids in need. The hospital’s work has left a positive mark on many children and families in the area.

How has U Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s impacted pediatric healthcare?

The hospital has played a key role in advancing children’s medical care. Their dedication to research and expertise has brought about many improvements in handling kids’ health. Children needing urgent medical attention are better off thanks to their hard work and care.

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